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Immigrate to Canada

Deciding to immigrate to Canada to work as a professional engineer (P.Eng.) is a big step. There is a lot that you need to know and be prepared for—including about Canada as a country and where certain kinds of engineering jobs are available. That way you have a good chance of finding the work you want.


How do I immigrate to Canada?

You must apply through Citizenship and Immigration Canada to immigrate to this country.

To find out more about Canada’s immigration programs, use the Come to Canada tool on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. It will help you understand how to visit, study or live in Canada.

Keep in mind that immigration rules occasionally change. Make sure you keep checking the CIC site for updates.

It’s important to know that the immigration selection process is separate from the engineering licensure process. 


Can an immigrant serving agency help me settle in Canada?

Immigrant serving agencies provide guidance to newcomers to Canada on finding a place to live, getting language training, finding a job and more. Visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website to learn more about Canada’s provinces and territories and the newcomer services each of them offer

While immigrant serving agencies are legitimate, services or individuals that call themselves “immigration consultants” may not be. When looking for help immigrating to and settling in Canada, be sure to ask for references for any immigration service you use. If possible, ask friends or family who have immigrated to Canada to suggest an immigrant serving agency to you.


What is an ‘integration program’?

The Canadian Immigrant Integration Program (CIIP) is a program that is offered outside of Canada in certain locations only. CIIP can help you:

  • Learn about economic trends, job requirements, occupational demands, foreign credential assessment and licensing processes, workplace culture, and job search techniques; and

  • Initiate steps to get licensed or upgrade your skills and start your job search.

CIIP services include a free one-day orientation workshop, an individual planning session and immediate contact with employers and others in Canada who can provide online advice and guidance before you immigrate. For more information, check the CIIP website.


Links and resources

Before you apply to immigrate, use the following  tool to determine your eligibility:

Come to Canada tool.

You can also visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website to learn more about Canada’s provinces and territories and the newcomer services each of them offer.

Note: Information presented is for general, informational purposes only. Engineers Canada is not an immigrant-serving agency and is not involved in the immigration process.

I knew that I had to upgrade my education, and that was the more challenging.

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