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In addition to visiting employment websites, there are other things you can do while looking for engineering jobs in Canada. Two of the best ways to do this are through networking and volunteering.



Networking is a way to promote yourself and advance your career by building and maintaining professional relationships with engineers and other professionals. Whenever you meet someone new, let them know you are a professional engineer (P.Eng.) or are working toward licensure. When you do this, these people become part of your network. 

People in your network can give you advice on finding a job and a place to live while you are going through the licensure application process. When you meet professional engineers (P.Eng.) while networking, get to know them well by asking about their career and professional experiences. People in your network can be very helpful when included in your list of character references.

Networking can lead to opportunities for employment in engineering. When people in your network hear about an engineering job, they may remember you are looking for engineering work and recommend you. 

Attending professional development events is one way to meet professionals in your field and develop your network. These events include lectures and seminars and are offered usually at a minimal cost. Check the websites of provincial/territorial engineering associations for more information on upcoming professional development events.

Another way to meet professionals in your field and develop your network is to become a member of a technical society such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and ASME. Check the websites of professional engineering associations for more information. 

For valuable tips on networking, visit immigrantnetworks.ca and networksforimmigrants.ca 



Although it is unpaid, volunteering with organizations within the engineering profession is a good way to gain valuable work experience and build your network. Volunteering at schools, community centres and places of worship is also a rewarding way to introduce yourself to Canadian culture and society, work on your speaking, reading and writing skills and contribute to your community.

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