Good Character Requirement

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To become a professional engineer (P.Eng.), you must demonstrate that you are a person of good character and reputation. This is how the provincial/territorial engineering associations help ensure its members keep the best interests of the public at the centre of their professional engineering practice. For more information, refer to the Good Character Guideline.


What is ‘good character’ and how do I prove it?

To be considered a person of ‘good character’, you need to be honest and trustworthy. When applying for your engineering licence, you will be required to answer questions that evaluate your character. You will also be asked to provide the names of character references who know you well and can confirm your personal honesty and integrity. You won’t need to provide these as soon as you apply: these will be asked for after you have gained your required work experience and passed the Professional Practice Examination. 


Who should I use as a reference?

Your list of character references must include professional engineers (P.Eng.), at least one of whom is licensed in Canada and has detailed knowledge of your engineering work. If you don’t know any professional engineers (P.Eng.), consider networking as a way to meet some. 

Be sure to provide current contact information for all your references.  The association may contact them directly and confidentially to gather all of the information needed to evaluate you.

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