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In Canada, there are many kinds of engineers: civil engineers, aerospace engineers, mechanical engineers and more. Some jobs with ‘engineer’ in the title have little to do with engineering, like locomotive engineer and sound recording engineer. Search for jobs that suit your skills and qualifications.


Which Canadian engineering jobs match my skills best?

You can also use the Explore an occupation tool to find information about engineering jobs in Canada, including opportunities, wages, qualifications and skill requirements.

To find out which job titles in Canada match your specific engineering training and skills, use the National Occupation Classification (NOC) system. Engineering job titles are grouped under Natural and Applied Sciences and Related Occupations (Occupational Structure 2). Read the descriptions of these job titles to find what they involve and the skills they require—for both engineering and the general workplace.


Where are the jobs in Canada?

You can find many different engineering jobs in all the provinces and territories in Canada, but the demand for certain jobs will depend on where in Canada you are. For example:

  • Naval engineering jobs are found in coastal provinces like British Columbia and Nova Scotia
  • Petroleum engineering jobs are found mostly in Alberta, but also in Saskatchewan, Nunavut, Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Agricultural engineering jobs are found in the prairie provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

To find out more about where engineering jobs are in Canada, check the ‘Labour Market Report’ on the Engineers Canada website.

You can also visit the EngScape website to learn about labour market trends for the Canadian engineering profession. The site also provides information on employment rates and salary, post-secondary enrolment and immigrant employment, available by province and discipline.

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