Work Experience Requirement

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In addition to your academic qualifications, you must also demonstrate your ability to put your engineering education into practice for a specified period of time, and in a supervised engineering environment. To become licensed as a professional engineer (P.Eng.) in any province and territory in Canada except Quebec, you need a minimum of four years of engineering work experience. In Quebec, the minimum is two years.

You can earn most of your required work experience outside of Canada, but at least one year must be in a Canadian environment.  


How do I show my work experience?

  • You will be expected to provide evidence of engineering work experience obtained outside of Canada, and to document and report your Canadian work experience. 

  • Generally, you will do this by completing a ‘work experience record’ that includes your employer’s name, the position you held, a description of the engineering work you did, and the name and signature of your supervisor. It is best that your supervisor was a professional engineer (P.Eng.).  If he or she was not, check with the provincial/territorial engineering association you’ve applied to for acceptable alternatives. 

Different provincial/territorial engineering associations use different formats for documenting work experience, so contact your association for details.

Your engineering work experience should allow you to demonstrate that you possess the seven core engineering competencies required for licensure. The core engineering competencies are:

  • Apply engineering knowledge, methods and techniques
  • Use engineering tools, equipment or technology
  • Protect the public interest
  • Manage engineering activities
  • Communicate engineering information
  • Work collaboratively in a Canadian environment
  • Maintain and enhance professional knowledge and skills

A full explanation of all of the competencies can be found here.

The provincial/territorial engineering association you’ve applied to will assess your required year of engineering work experience gained in Canada to:

  • ensure you are familiar with Canadian engineering practices, codes and standards, and other cultural, technical, and business practices to protect the public interest; and to confirm the level of engineering work experience reported outside of Canada
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